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   "What homework do you want to write the most?" "I want to do sports homework."

“您最想写什么作业?” “我想做体育功课。”

   When I was young, many people must have made such a joke. I didn't expect that leaving homework in physical education class would become a reality. On the morning of September 22, at a press conference of the Information Office of the State Council, Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education, revealed in response to reporters that in the near future, a new item will be added to the students’ homework list. Content-sports homework.

我小时候,肯定有很多人在开这种玩笑。我没想到将体育课留在体育课上会成为现实。 9月22日上午,在国务院新闻办新闻发布会上,教育部体育,健康与艺术教育司司长王登峰对记者透露,在不久的将来,新项目将添加到学生的作业列表中。内容体育功课。

   In recent years, the concept of "integration of sports and education" has been repeatedly mentioned, and the emphasis on physical education in the process of education and advancement has also been brought to the table for many discussions. For example, Yunnan Province announced that starting from the seventh grade students enrolled in the fall semester of 2020, the score of physical education in the high school entrance examination will be increased to 100 points, which is parallel to the traditional concept of "main subject" in Chinese and English. The further improvement of the status of physical education has become the consensus of teachers, parents, students and the whole society.


   If most of the previous measures and proposals focused on the score level to give play to its guiding role, then "reserving homework in physical education" is a real shot of the reform of the integration of sports and education.


   Homework in physical education is not only a partial reform, it can be said to be a correction for the past only focusing on cultural classes and neglecting physical exercises. After all, the hidden dangers of the old education model have emerged. We should also think about leaving homework in physical education class. Are we really ready? What kind of homework should be assigned in physical education class? How to balance the time allocation of physical education homework and cultural homework? How to "correct" physical education homework... these must be faced.


   Physical education homework must first ensure that the content is scientific and reasonable. This is inseparable from a professional physical education teacher team. The "Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education and Promoting the Healthy Development of Adolescents" issued by the State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Education also stated that it is necessary to open up channels for outstanding retired athletes to enter campuses as physical education teachers and sports coaches, and to establish coach positions in schools.


Physical education teachers should adapt to the change of their own position as soon as possible, and change the previous working method of "burning themselves, illuminating the language and mathematics", so that physical education can truly benefit students; cultural teachers should also change their thinking. After all, if cultural class homework is not reduced , And adding physical education homework, the children really can't bear it.


   In today’s cities, sports venues have shrunk severely, becoming a “blocker” for physical exercise. Before this situation changes significantly, can schools provide more convenience for students, such as extending the opening hours of sports venues, etc., to reduce resistance to the implementation of physical education homework?


   After I heard that homework is required for physical education, many parents have mixed feelings. They undoubtedly hope that their children can gain a healthy body through physical exercise, and they are also very worried that the burden of physical education homework will eventually fall on them. After all, parents have seen too much "educational pressure transfer" this year.


   This is actually a reminder that physical education homework can take more flexible forms, not just for children to perform and parents to video. Who said that homework must be completed after school? From the perspective of physical exercise alone, it is not impossible to require students to run exercises on time every day.


   Regardless of the purpose, the ultimate meaning of physical education is to cultivate a healthy body and to discover suitable sports hobbies for students on this basis. With the increase of age, students will feel more and more intense about the meaning of physical education. Physical education homework should get out of stereotypes and explore more flexible and efficient ways.


We have seen that many schools have established various sports clubs to allow students to enjoy hobbies and keep fit while studying intensely; some schools have also created their own special projects, such as swimming, martial arts, and three ball games. Wait. Some social resources are also actively participating. In the author's hometown and county towns, many social basketball teams will go to middle schools to select players, take them to train together, and participate in city leagues... These can become an extension of physical education and also provide more for physical education homework. Open the way.


   Lv Jinghuo Source: China Youth Daily

   LV jin G或source: China youth daily